Racing tires - which is better on a 1st generation Honda CRX?

Posted by Andrew Lydecker on

I sat down and listed all my autocross events for the last 5 years, my finish order, and what tire I was using (not hard, I already have the data from my notes). For the sake of comparison, I used a multiplier for each event to "convert" it to a 100 participant event, and then computed an average finish for all events using that tire. I threw out any low finishes that were due to corded or flat tires. It's a rudimentary analysis and I didn't control for the length of the course or the skill level of the different participants, or car setup such as weight, but the results are interesting anyway. In order of worst to best:

Avon 10x20 - 38th place
Kumho Exsta 225s - 32nd
Avon 8x20 - 28th place
Hankook Z214 225 - 24th place
Hoosier A7 255s - 19th place

So there you have it. Purple Crack it is.

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