Ford's short lived 60 HP flathead V8

Posted by Andrew Lydecker on

At just 136 cubic inches and 60 HP, the V8-74 flathead was the smallest production V8 made by Ford Motor Company.  Produced from 1937-1940, it was used as a budget, entry level engine in Ford passenger cars, but did not achieve much popularity due to its low horsepower rating.  It was eventually replaced for the 1941 model year by the 226 L-6 (referred to as the G-Series, or G-Engine), which produced 90 HP.  The 60 HP flathead is easy to identify due to its small size:

This engine enjoyed a resurgence in popularity following World War II.  Because of it's small size, it worked well as a powerplant for cars involved in midget racing, a motorsport gaining in popularity since the establishment of the Midget Auto Racing Association (MARA) in 1933.

Since Ford never made any more V8-60s after production ended in 1941, original engines and parts can be hard to find.  Andrew's Automotive Archaeology does stock parts for the engine whenever they can be found.  Currently we have a good stock of bearings, pistons, piston rings, and connecting rods.


Click here to view parts for the V8-60.

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