1954-1963 Ford big truck Super Duty u-joint spider and bearing B4TZ-4635-E

  • $ 25.00

Ford Super Duty big truck u-joint spider and bearing



A word about fitment: The list below is general.  Fitment depends on transmission and driveshaft.  If you are unsure if this part will fit your application, please contact me.

Fits the following:

1961-1968 C850, C950 with 8 speed and 477 Super Duty

1962-1968 C850, C950 111" and 135" wheelbase with 6 speed 

1960-1968 C1000 with 5-speed and 477 and 534 Super Duty

1962-1968 C1000 with 12-speed

1958-1968 C1000 with 8 speed

1962-1968 C1000 with 10 speed

1963-1968 C1000 with 6 speed

1958-1960 C1100 with 5 speed

1958-1968 C1100 with 8-speed, 10-speed, and 12-speed

also fits 1961 and up CT850, CT950, F850, F950, F1000, F1100, H950, H1000, H1100, HD1000, HDT850, HDT950, N950, N1000, N1100, NT850, NT950, NT1000, NT1100, T750, T800, T850, T950.